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Relates to the words: ass, cakes, booty, dunks, donkey. Usually used when talking about a female with a nice ass.
1. Daaayuuum, that bitch got them doggers!
2. Where you get them doggers from girl?
3. Whatchu kno about them doggers boy?
by Jphizz March 19, 2007
6 5
a person who jogs with their dog
This morning, I almost hit a dogger on my way to work.
by meow woof meow February 22, 2010
370 52
(British) People who like to have sex in public.
Besides having a nudist beach, Studland has in recent years become popular with “doggers”
by rivit August 12, 2007
38 14
voyeurs who watch couples fucking in the woods
by Teabag December 13, 2002
41 20
multi colored swim trunks
Whoa brah check out my doggers!
by jason December 04, 2004
21 11
Dollar store sunglasses that are made of cheap, black plastic. Imitation Ray Bans.
I got my doggers and my Dickies on.

I gotta go get me some new doggers.
by Katherine Glass November 04, 2004
16 10
Related to the term "he got hands." Usually talking about a past fight that happened and trying to say that a person has the ability to fight well.
1. He got doggers man, he fights like a boxer.
2. He put the doggers on his ass
by Jphizz March 19, 2007
5 4