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Related to the term "he got hands." Usually talking about a past fight that happened and trying to say that a person has the ability to fight well.
1. He got doggers man, he fights like a boxer.
2. He put the doggers on his ass
by Jphizz March 19, 2007
A dogger is a person who engages in the act of dogging. Dogging is a British English slang term for a person who engages in public sexual acts, including watching others.
My girlfriend and I are doggers - we love the idea that we could be caught!
by Cash July 27, 2011
A flacid penis; a limp dick
We knew he was gay when he still had a dogger after she took his cock in her mouth.
Sorry babe but all that booze gave me a permanent dogger.

by bastubes November 14, 2007
something along the lines of a mixture between a hotdog and a hamburger, with maye a little food coloring and a happy face on the end. Can be sticked.
my dogger is smiling at me!
by pEz805 March 23, 2004
The unit of measurement for quantifying the level of visible ass crack based on the number of thawed hot dogs that could be stuck into the exposed ass crack.
"Damn...why doesn't that fat ass just wear a belt?"
"No shit...that's at least a three dogger."
by StinkTaco February 27, 2008
A Giant heap of steaming dog poop!
Docco: Ahhhh feck! Just stood in some dogger!
Lewis: Thats a big Dogger alreet mate!!
Amy: I spotted that one a mile off!
Anton: It gave my Astra a flat tyre!!
by Anton Bramhall February 14, 2008
the process of releasing smelly air from your ass
as in, he just did a smelly dogger
by bobby bobler October 16, 2003