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Another, rhyming term for dogpile and dog shit. This is canine fecal matter that is usually found in your front yard or on sidewalks.
I should probably stop feeding my dog so much; he's crapping out dog logs like an Uzi empties a clip. It's everywhere!
by Journey Fan February 07, 2005
dog poo!
...dog log!
by danarky June 26, 2003
A lovely gift that a dog leaves behind in your yard that the owner is too lazy to pick up, or any piece of dog crap in general.
Gunther: Hey man, whats wrong?
Philip: I just stepped in a doglog with my new shoes...
by TicTocCoonClock July 23, 2009
A log file created on a server to induce laughter by those who know it exists.
Yesterday I checked and the dog.log file has been on the server for 3 years and the administrators never noticed. DOG LOG
by Not funny nerd February 20, 2014