Your close boys or a hardcore gangster
Im a dog out here ask bout me
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
Opposite sex of bitch. A bitch's man is a dog. So, if you call your woman a bitch, therefore you're a dog.
You're a dog, and she's a bitch.
by webster2008 September 05, 2008
-Acronym standing for "Demonstration of Goods"
-In the event that a woman (or man) who is wearing revealing clothes distracts the viewer, she (or he) is said to be performing a DOG / DOG'ing it
Guy 1: Holy crap, that girl over there is going to fall out of her shirt
Guy 2: That bitch is DOG'ing it like no other.
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
Deffinitly not a cat
or the chavish way "what up dogggggg" URRR cringe

Ben: Dude whats that? (pointing)
Dean: Well its not a cat

by So.Lickme October 10, 2007
the animals who are synonyms for perfection
are adorable 24/7, but especially when:
they are reunited with their owners who are soldiers coming back from war
are sleeping with other animals
when protecting babies
when they are excited to see you
when sleeping
when panting

when doing tricks
when they're excited for something and follow everywhere
when watching other animals on TV
when wearing shoes and/or any clothes
when singing and howling along to music
when saying I love you
for more cute pics of dogs, search "dogs are cute when" and click on the first video
(you know you want tooooo)
by whatareyoulookingatttttt May 31, 2014
An animal who's only intent is to eat your homework.
teacher: Where's your homework?
student: My dog ate it.
teacher: Come see me at lunch.
Dog: You got PWND, Bitch!
by dog eats hmwrk guy October 02, 2013
Dog, a bounty hunter located in Hawaii. Likes a good surf and walks on the beach with beth. produces hot sons alsa.
Duwayne dog
Leland dog
garys cute too
by wichick94 January 05, 2011

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