personal pronoun, usually informal, used as greeting, or anything else
What up, dog? Yo dog, go get me some fuckin crack or ill kill your ass, dog.
by The H Scrizzle fo Shizzle December 19, 2003
A heartless shitting machine. No care for what they shit or piss on. Also annoying because they like to frequently check your crotch for interesting smells leaving you at an awkward position trying to stop the dog from sniffing your sack while telling your boss you're good with dogs.
If Fido shits in my room again I'm going to throw that bitch ass dog out to sniff the homeless guy outside watching me's crotch.
by n-diggity October 07, 2008
(verb) to fuck doggie style, rough & hard.
He was a perfect gentleman 'til he bent me over and put it in my ass. Then he dogged me 'til my ass bled!
by starved in ph July 16, 2006
the meanest animals, right next to bears.
99% of the cat injuries are caused by dogs.
by d-u-d-e June 25, 2007
something that underperforms (or sucks); a piece of crap
Yo bro, dat ho's '95 Neon is a dog.
by The Tangential One December 31, 2005
a work you put at the end of a cool persons name.
chrisdog sup? (chris is cool)
by sweetness!!!!!!!! October 10, 2005
stupid animal, that barks, usually loved by humans.
My dog follow its tail all the time.
by Dógui March 06, 2005

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