A canine pet owned by a person for fun and companionship. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

A canine working partner owned by a rancher to help herd animals. It is fed, loved, and cared for.

An animal companion who shares living space with a yuppie or a dink couple. It is spoiled rotton and treated far better than many people. It serves in lieu of a child, is never disciplined, and is the favorite topic of conversation.
Samantha and her dog walk along the river each day.
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
A marijauna joint rolled with rock cocaine.aka as P-dog
Hey my cousin rolled a dirty ass dog last night.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011
the word God backwards.
Don't listen to your dog if he pretends to be God. You'll end up killing your parents. (like in Robot Chicken!)
by Spam Happy August 26, 2009
Abbreviation of the popular term "The Dog's Bollocks," spoken throughout the United Kingdom, but especially popular among "Cockneys" and others residing in London's East End.
Have a look at that motor - that's the dog's bollocks, that is.
by SoundAvarice July 19, 2009
A man, who is not a bitch,
who dominate his friends or companion.
Typically used by and to individuals of african american heritage.
White guy: Yo, it's cool dog.
Black guy: Are you fucking crazy?

Get the fuck out of here!
by MOPEMAH May 08, 2009
Your close boys or a hardcore gangster
Im a dog out here ask bout me
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
Opposite sex of bitch. A bitch's man is a dog. So, if you call your woman a bitch, therefore you're a dog.
You're a dog, and she's a bitch.
by webster2008 September 05, 2008
-Acronym standing for "Demonstration of Goods"
-In the event that a woman (or man) who is wearing revealing clothes distracts the viewer, she (or he) is said to be performing a DOG / DOG'ing it
Guy 1: Holy crap, that girl over there is going to fall out of her shirt
Guy 2: That bitch is DOG'ing it like no other.
by zachus22 August 28, 2008

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