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sleeping with a mate's girlfriend,
not returning a favour,
not returning a shout at the pub,
drinking the last half pot of beer out of a jug you didn't buy,
cheating - especially when when what you're doing is not competitive
tony: "that prick john always disappears when it's his turn to shout!"

sam: "yeh, what a f*ing dog-act!"
by trunkman27 July 05, 2005
60 34
The act of doing something socially unacceptable
Alex cheated with his best friends girlfriend. He committed a dog act
by potenza March 09, 2009
73 20
The act of being a dog.
Cancelling a dual-linked flight to Thailand, but cancelling the ticket when you don't want to go - even though the other person still does.

"Hey man, I'm cancelling the flight" ... "DOG ACT!"
by Jetstar_control November 16, 2011
1 5
when someone commit such a back stabbing/ Dodgie act that the only way to describe it as a "dog act"
'Man WTF that was such dog act davies'
'that was lower than a scam, dog act'
by Brice Grosbergis November 05, 2006
19 24
The act of one selling someone out or betraying someone, usually their friend or colleague. Usually occurs for the attendance of an event e.g. a wedding, party or other social function.
Steve: "Hey man are you coming to my birthday party next weekend?"
Zoran: "Yeah man 100% for sure!"
Steve: "Hey have you guys seen Zoran, he said he was coming?"
Josh: "Nah Zoran's a dog, just one of his many dog acts probably."
by Pepsi007 October 11, 2010
8 17
A quote used so much and so inappropriately that in retaliation to even a valid comment someone would shut down that person and say dog act, or even just say dog act to annoy a certain person
Terence: man your such a dog, dog act man dog act.
GBK: terence that was a dog act man your so right!(sarcasm very much so present throughout tone) god giraffes !
by GggGbK July 19, 2005
7 17
the act of betraying your friends!
so and so got engaged over the weekend but instead of telling his close mates, they found out via text message from his women! dog act!!
by p whipped! March 22, 2005
11 22