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2 definitions by trunkman27

sleeping with a mate's girlfriend,
not returning a favour,
not returning a shout at the pub,
drinking the last half pot of beer out of a jug you didn't buy,
cheating - especially when when what you're doing is not competitive
tony: "that prick john always disappears when it's his turn to shout!"

sam: "yeh, what a f*ing dog-act!"
by trunkman27 July 05, 2005
60 34
those young hot skanky chicks that dress up like sluts and hang off every guy in the club bumming free drinks all night pretending that they're going to sleep with the guy
sally: "wow, i only spent $3.50 tonight!"

tamara: "yeh! that's 'cos you're a dicktease, skank!"
by trunkman27 July 05, 2005
11 7