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Designated Obnoxious Fat Friend

Everyone in a group of bros has a doff.
Shut up doff

yo doff go get me some water
by Mr.©∫ December 13, 2010
Originally used in reference to those who aren't up to the common norms of intelligence, it is now used for those who not only do not have the intelligence to assess certain matters of import, but also do not have the correct information or wherewithal to do so.
Don't be such a doff.
by Captain A February 07, 2005
When your skateboard rolls away, but as you're running after it, someone takes it
Dude, you just got doffed

Hey, lets doff that skateboard
by ShaniquaDay June 12, 2009
To have sexual intercourse with, often used in a lighthearted manner.
Have you seen Nicola recently?
Yeah, I'd doff that!

Hi Paul, fancy a quick doff?
by PaulB August 29, 2007
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