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high as shit
You doed nigga? I'm hella doed right now.
by Jdogg03 October 21, 2003
31 17

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high as hell, pretty much throwed like a muthafucka
Hey cuz pass the blunt, i'm tryin to get doed
by C Jizzle 4 Shizzle August 14, 2006
50 9
To interrupt or linger in or around a conversation that has little or nothing to do with you regardless of subject content, relevance and or knowledge of the topic.
'To be Doed' To be interrupted whilst engaging in conversation with a third party e.g 'I was talking to Mark earlier and Bill completely Doed me!'.

'To Doe' To interrupt a conversation. 'Pete was talking to Andy about something and I Doed them both'.
by Wild Willow February 08, 2008
5 13