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Innocent or naive.
The doe-eyed freshmen did not realize how hard their first school year would be.
by CBruer September 06, 2009
some women, like does, have beautiful brown eyes
Winona Ryder, a doe-eyed actress
by Mig March 15, 2004
Eyebrows that are naturally higher-set in an innocent question mark with a blank expression; wide eyes yet with low, sleepy eyelids.
"She had these adorable, hazel eyes with sort of a blank expression on her face. So cute!" - "Dude, don't let the doe-eyed look fool you- she's a heartless slut and will shatter you into a million pieces if you don't watch the fuck out."
by claire4010 April 12, 2015
Josie McCoy from "Josie and the Pussycats".

She is the very DEFINITION of the word.

More accurately, it is the actor that portrays Josie, Rachael Leigh Cook, who is the "doe-eyed beauty". But it's this movie that accentuates her big brown eyes the most.
Rachael Leigh Cook is a doe-eyed beauty
Josie McCoy is a doe-eyed beauty
by crazyforRLC April 26, 2004
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