A genetically modified dodo which possesses the capability to fly?
Holy shit, did you see that dodu flying past?
by shadow6k October 19, 2010
Top Definition
The area of the skin between the crack and the sack.
My dodus is raw.
by mobweak July 03, 2003
the area of skin between the testes and the anus
"Man, you smell like dodus."
by Gina January 19, 2003
a way of life similar to zen, only it has more to do with the male private and the areas nearby
Life is a dodus, you never know how much you're gonna sweat.
by Adrianne Emmrick March 26, 2003
The area between the PENIS and the butthole. It tastes good.
My dodus is hairy.
by BigGayBike January 10, 2003
An individual, usually a man, committed to a specific life philosophy--a dedication to achieving true Sweetness in all of its manifestations. One who forsakes the common pursuits of study, work, ethics, and all other distractions in an attempt to channel his efforts into attaining the truly sweet.
What's up man. It's dodus. What? Totally sweet!!!!!
by a dodus. October 18, 2004
another word for chonch but much much cooler
my dodus is all scaley and sweaty
by king wallace of natnia November 10, 2003
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