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An endearing way of saying to someone of telling someone they haven't a clue. Not meant to offend, but meant jokingly.
"You Dodo Head!" or "You Dodo Bird"
by brat-a-tat-cat September 13, 2008
"Crafted" in the suburbs of America, pertains to a very if not extremely stupid person that simply cannot help themselves in aoviding inept doings.
You are such a dodohead......
1 divided by zero = 0 .......dodohead.
by King Warwick May 08, 2006
A completly retarded person who is scared to say cuss words so they say dodo instead like its better or something. Im turn they are the actually dodo head themself. Thanks Ashley
Chris you're a frickin dodo head!
by kryss February 17, 2004