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A concept motorcycle built around a 10 cylinder, 500 horsepower SRT engine. Same engine is used in 2003 Dodge Viper and 2003 Dodge Ram SRT.`
I saw the Dogde Tommahawk at the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Damn that thing is sweet.
by tyguy101a January 03, 2005

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-a motorcycle specificaly designed to kill the rider.
-a wast of money. just buy a glock 9mm pistol (which, like the tomahawk, is specificaly designed to kill human beings) and give the rest of the money to your relatives.
get a clue..... it's called the *TOMAHAWK*..........that should send a message. the name alone is a disclaimer
by OnyxO August 29, 2004
Stupid looking "concept" bike that will never go into production.
If dodge would stop smoking banana peels they would realise that a bike with a car engine only makes it that much heavier.Besides the stupid thing has four wheels so it aint a real bike
I was goin around the lake on my dodge tomahawk and i got laughed at so bad.They said hey why dont you put a 4 row radial aircraft engine on that thing THEN it would haul ass! AAAAAAA Ha ha ha ha cough cough.

MAN i felt like an idiot.
by crochrocket April 09, 2003