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Stupid looking "concept" bike that will never go into production.
If dodge would stop smoking banana peels they would realise that a bike with a car engine only makes it that much heavier.Besides the stupid thing has four wheels so it aint a real bike
I was goin around the lake on my dodge tomahawk and i got laughed at so bad.They said hey why dont you put a 4 row radial aircraft engine on that thing THEN it would haul ass! AAAAAAA Ha ha ha ha cough cough.

MAN i felt like an idiot.
by crochrocket April 09, 2003
A good example . . Dodge tomahawk , search for it on the web . . . Motorcycle capable of going 300+ MPH . . Fastest car is what 240 mph Mcclaren ? ?
Try to drag race ? ? ? Fuck drag race little white trash . . get on a motorcycle you fuckin pansy that's scared of falling off a crotch rocket . . . you think american cars are the shit , but realy crotch rockets rule the streets not fuckin fast and furious wanna be's so stfu biatch
by crochrocket April 04, 2003

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