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the fate of attorneys who don't graduate from the top 14 schools or in the top 10% of their class if they are outside of the top 14 schools. you click on legal database software for 12 hours a day without being allowed to take breaks. it is a dead end job with no benefits or chance of advancement. most law students are blissfully unaware that this world even exists, but once they graduate, they become slaves to the doc review mill.
document review at paul weiss ranks just above getting third degree burns on 90% of your body.
by chris the temp February 15, 2006
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A position for attorneys that is not as good as being a BigLaw Associate or a federal court clerk, but is infinitely better and more interesting than working in insurance defense. Pays better, too.
BigLaw is Heaven.
Document review is Purgatory.
Insurance defense is the 7th Circle of Hell.
by Akshen July 07, 2006
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A miserable existence on Earth. Hell. Usually leads to suicide.
Document review is the 2nd circle of hell.
by Gretta Bobaly February 06, 2008
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