Normally homosexual. The act of inserting progressivly larger objects in to a mans jap eye (yes all the way down) so eventually one man's knob can fit in the other guy's urethra. (It seems imposiible but I have seen a video proving a 1 inch dildo has been thrusted in and out of a blokes jap eye quite violently!!!)
Elton was Docking David so they could become more closer.
by Jon Childs December 19, 2005
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The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another's penis.
David and Patrick enjoyed docking immensely because of Patty's stretchy foreskin.
by David Knapp January 15, 2003
Docking is a verb describing the act of stretching one mans foreskin over another mans penis. It can only be practiced between men if one of them is uncircumcised. This "foreplay" is best mixed with a little lube or pre-come prior to the fun begins.
Mitch: Hey I been on such a big dry spell with the ladies can I put my cock in your cocks foreskin?
Al: Docking's the best, no need to ask!
by Hayessss October 26, 2012
when two males, one circumsized, one uncircumsized, put thier heads together and the uncircumsized male rolls his extra foreskin over the head of the other males penis.
man, i got drunk last night and was docking with my friend joey
by akweedman February 25, 2009
The fun act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another's penis. In the bathroom of Wal-Mart.
Tyler Stuck his cock into Patricks Saggy foreskin, only Patrick enjoyed it when Tyler was docking him hard and rough.
by Anonymous Tyler June 04, 2011
The act of using a Google Doc's blank document to instant message a friend.
Dude did you hear? Tom and Steve were docking in all of history class!
by Satire394 March 24, 2011
The act of docking is when one male stretches the foreskin of his penis over another mans penis. Docking will result in a more satisfactory orgasm if one or both men ejaculate a bit during or before the act. Too much semen will make it more awkward to move around inside the mans foreskin.
"So johnny, we're going to be docking tonight, right?"
by Dockings245 March 05, 2009
1.Docking occurs when two men (usually homosexual), with erect penises (both uncircumcised), put one penis head in the foreskin of the other man. The term docking is based on the "docking" that occurs during the space shuttle/space station "docking". Sometimes known as "dry docking". Usually this process occurs until one man "splooges". If both men "Splooge" at the same time this is referred to as "wet docking".
Donna walked in as John and Daniel were docking. Daniel and John became so excited, upon Donna entering, that wet docking soon followed.
by Rancho Cucamonga May 27, 2010

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