1.Docking occurs when two men (usually homosexual), with erect penises (both uncircumcised), put one penis head in the foreskin of the other man. The term docking is based on the "docking" that occurs during the space shuttle/space station "docking". Sometimes known as "dry docking". Usually this process occurs until one man "splooges". If both men "Splooge" at the same time this is referred to as "wet docking".
Donna walked in as John and Daniel were docking. Daniel and John became so excited, upon Donna entering, that wet docking soon followed.
#docking #dicking #uncircumcised #penis #homosexual
by Rancho Cucamonga May 27, 2010
The graceful yet exhilarating reception and mixing of smegma by the violent rasping of 2 cocks within one of the cock's outstretched foreskin. Proper reciprocation often involves bequeathing of the buttery goodness to the other's mouth or asshole.
Make my foreskin your creamy home and start docking me!
#docking #dock #fromunda #cheese #smegma
by me1086 March 12, 2010
When a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina, but does not thrust. Commonly used by mormons and other celibate religious youth to avoid "going all the way."
Joseph and Emma aren't having sex, they're just docking.
#dry humping #anal #celibacy #purity #virginity
by j-dang April 24, 2015
To insert the head of your penis inside another man's foreskin.
Jason: Captain, I'm ready to dock!
JP: Give me a second, I'm docking with someone else!
#docking #dock #sex #masturbation #penis #head #penis head
by Malaysian Jason February 18, 2011
To dock, is to conceal an object under ones foreskin, a variance of this is the infamous japanese dock in which the object is concealed in ones urethra
Person 1: ah shit, have you seen my math book?

Person 2: mate I totally docked it last night, but I fell asleep and when I woke up it was gone

Person 1: I told you to stop docking my stuff man!
#dock #docking #japanese dock #foreskin #concealement #smuggling
by chodemaster94 March 21, 2011
The act of covering the head of a cut cock with the foreskin of an uncut cock.
Another reason Fruity liked docking with Barney D was because it was the only way Fruity could get his bellend covered with smegma. Circumsized guys cannot make smegma.
#docking #bellend #fruity #barney #c-unit
by C-Unit Racing July 05, 2007
the art on an uncircumcised penis joining to a circumcised penis at the tip
john's Jewish penis went docking with Bill's catholic penis
#penis #head #circumcised #boner #sex
by dcurles53 September 13, 2008
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