When the US government seizes a torrent or peer-to-peer website, thus rendering its services obsolete.
The US government seized my favorite torrent website...total doc block.
by peno_g March 10, 2011
Top Definition
When working on a google docs documents, your fellow group members change the permissions of the document, thereby forcing you to only view/comment on the document.
Dude, I only checked my facebook for 1 minute when BAM, my group started to doc-block me.
by Edward135234 September 12, 2012
When a doctor needs to visit a patient, but he is being blocked from doing so by another doctor, who is consulting with the patient for a long period of time, especially with that patient's file under his arm.
I couldn't see my patient because I was being doc blocked by that lollygagging Cardiologist.
by mpott September 08, 2011
When something and/or someone prevents you from watching Doctor Who
1. My mom took my TV privileges away, I'm getting Doc Blocked!

2. Netflix isn't working, I'm getting Doc Blocked!

3. "Hey Man, did you see the new Doctor Who episode on Saturday?"

"No, man, my cable was cut off, I got Doc Blocked"
by iloveoz1125 September 24, 2011
when a doctor wants to keep you from going outside their financial (i mean "medical") group.
I went to get a second opinion on my illness, but I was doc blocked when my primary care notified my insurance.
by Felonious Drunk July 28, 2011
A variation of Ccok Block: When a work group uses non-shareable documents on a network and someone has the file open when you need to make an update.
I have 5 minutes before the meeting and I need to update the PowerPoint presentation but Lisa has it open and is TOTALLY doc blocking me! I'll never be able to make the corrections now!
by PHX Kenn January 21, 2010
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