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a girl that is hot and has nice meat flaps
oh ya that girl is do able
by ram man April 27, 2003
HOT; Attractive; Bootilicious; someone worth having sex with
She is definitely doable.
by muah February 10, 2005
someone you would like to get in bed
orcy is very "doable"
by [paradox] July 10, 2003
Able to be done - Possible or Attainable.
"Don't see why not"
by chris May 29, 2004
adj. Compound word used when describing a person based on attractiveness. Purpose is to signify that the person being described is of average physical appeal, rating between a 4 and 7 on the Hotness Scale.
Johnny: So I was at this party last night and I met this chick in the backyard. And dude she was totally digging me! I was talking to her, but then stupid Jenny cockblocked me!!
Tim: Wait... was it tall Jenny or short Jenny?
Johnny: Tall Jenny...
Tim: Oh...because short Jenny's the bomb!
Johnny: For shizzle.
Tim: So was she hot?
Johnny: Who? Jenny?!?!
Tim: No, the girl you met..
Johnny: Oh... She was doable....
by Joel Kirks February 25, 2008
A famale that is not Sexy, but just barely cute enough to bang.
I dunno if I'd date her, But she's do able...
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
Some one worth getting laid.

Dude your moms so doable
by ShittyDude July 10, 2008
A slang term to describe the possibility of an action taking place in the near future.
Can you make it to the meeting at 9:00 am on the 14th?
Yes, that is doable.
by Matt Lattin June 12, 2007