A real, deep, sexy & very talented rapper/actor who If I had the chance to get in da bed with would turn white from all the nasty stuff I'd do to him ;)
too "XXX" rated for all of you... I'Ma FrEaK!! j/k (only sometimes ;) )
by lala January 04, 2004
A respectable rapper and actor, but who's beatz are too hard and voice is too angry too match some others - Funk Doc and Tical.
"Let's listen to some DMX."
"Nah, I'm putting on Redman!"
by Diego July 07, 2003
A rapper who repedively screams unimportant words and noises.
1. What???
2. COME ON!!!!!
3. *bark bark*
4. Yeah
5. Uh
6. Wooo!
by CaptainIdiot May 05, 2005
A dumb muthafucka who steals cars, even though he has the money to buy hundreds of them.
Why are u dmx-ing? Lets go to the dealership and buy a car.
by none of yo beeswax June 27, 2004
Abbreviation for Dark Man Xiong. A kid who goes to Harding High School.
Dude, did you hear DMX was mackin last night?
by roe February 13, 2004
dmx is a hard rapper put is also mentally retard
whats my name DMX whats my name DMX whats my name I JUST TOLD YOU NIGGER!!?!?!!?!?!?
by XZ June 01, 2005
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