DMK a contributor to, but would be cooler, and more believable if he didn't screw up the code on his definition for nerd, and didn't make terrible terrible spelling and grammar mistakes.
Geeks and nerds take pride on their perfect typing skills. Sorry, but yours suck.
by Kenthar October 01, 2003
Top Definition
A dutch abbreviation meaning ''That's pretty fucked up'' in dutch (Das mooi klote). Mainly used in the east of the Netherlands.
Person 1: My dog died.
Person 2: Dmk mate.
by Purpocean October 20, 2014
Abbreviation for Die Murder Kill.

Also see 187
by other_guy February 06, 2004
abbreviations for Dirty Mexican Kid
speaker 1: gee that guy is a fag
speacker 2:whatta DMK
by Colonel Saunders November 03, 2005
A dumb fuck who thinks he's actually better than most of the people here. Look at his entry for SARS. That should say it all, but then look at his entry for nerd. WHAT THE SHIT?! I feel embarrassed for him and I've never met the poor sod!
Wow, DMK sure is a fuckhop. Jesus Christ, what a stupid assbag.
by Sasori May 28, 2003
A good friend and someone who has a very strong anger, and someone who has a friend that will kick peoples butts just for saying dickhead.
DMK is a really good friend so leave him alone.
by Titcher July 14, 2003
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