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It is known 4 Bein Da Worldz Hottest Countrie with A Average Tempurture of 104 degrees!
Da Heat!
by OLSKOO November 08, 2003
Pronounced like "ji-boo-tee"

- A republic in Africa

- Whatever I want it to mean at the time that I say it.
What's going on? "Djibouti" meaning nothing much if that's what I mean.

"Djibouti" - kid, sit down and be quiet!

"Djibouti" - What's wrong with you, anyway?
by frank darlucci March 06, 2010
A country involved in a great amount of Model United Nations pick-up lines because of its name.
I would like to invade Djibouti with the help of Greece.
by Kim Jong UN February 02, 2015
The capital of Djibouti.
The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. Don't ever try to tell me I've never had a Coke before.
by Dick Cockson March 11, 2011
A general insult denoting great negativity in odor, hygeine, appearance, culture or ancestry. Also a country on the horn of Africa.
Skeeter, was you born in Djibouti? If you caint spit terbacca proper at least shampoo your dammed beard!
by harry flashman July 28, 2003
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