A general insult denoting great negativity in odor, hygeine, appearance, culture or ancestry. Also a country on the horn of Africa.
Skeeter, was you born in Djibouti? If you caint spit terbacca proper at least shampoo your dammed beard!
by harry flashman July 28, 2003
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It is known 4 Bein Da Worldz Hottest Countrie with A Average Tempurture of 104 degrees!
Da Heat!
by OLSKOO November 08, 2003
Pronounced like "ji-boo-tee"

- A republic in Africa

- Whatever I want it to mean at the time that I say it.
What's going on? "Djibouti" meaning nothing much if that's what I mean.

"Djibouti" - kid, sit down and be quiet!

"Djibouti" - What's wrong with you, anyway?
by frank darlucci March 06, 2010
The capital of Djibouti.
The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. Don't ever try to tell me I've never had a Coke before.
by Dick Cockson March 11, 2011
a country no one cares about
G.W.B: "What the Fuck is a Djibouti?!?!?"
by Pr0stSh0cKeR July 29, 2003

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