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Decades-old slang for the phrase "Did you eat yet?" Native to urban East Coast cities, such as New York, Philadelphia, and their blue-collar suburbs. It's a pun which not only references the regional accent but is also a mild ethnic joke referring to people of the Jewish persuasion.
Mark says, "Djeetyet?" and Frank replies, "No, ju?"
by Sarah DiGioia December 02, 2005
a native slang used Pittsburghers, which means did you eat yet.
joe says hey djeetyet?, Brad says no ju?
by lindsaylou December 02, 2005
This is a NY question. PA? My dad said this as did my grandpa! (my dad was born in 1927!) New York, Brooklyn all the way!
"Djeetyet?" and you answer, "No, ju?
But it can be answered 'naw, djew?' or "yeah, but I could eat"
by RobinR99 December 03, 2005
A word that Sir Gary Ramadan Powers stole from one of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys (who's name is not important), who probaly stole from somebody else.
Djeetyet? No, Ju? ...get 'er done!
by Bill the Yellow December 20, 2005
same as last entry, but origin truly being Chicago, not Philly. (and often followed by, "lezeet")
person 1: "djeetyet?"
person 2: "no, ju?"
person 1: "lezeet!"
by totiredtosleep December 02, 2005
Slang for the phrase, "Did you eat yet?" Native to Philadelphia and its suburbs.
Mark says, "Djeetyet?" and Frank replies, "No, ju?"
by Sir Gary Ramadan Powers November 28, 2005
djeetyet is a word that is symbiotic of an antire question, spoken with just one word/phrase. This is most commonly used in the deep south, by redneck hillbillies with at least two teeth missing.
Coversation flow:
Hillbilly #1: Djeetyet? (Did you eat yet?)
Hillbilly #2: Nodjyu? (No, did you?)
Hillbilly #1: Yumptu? (Do you want to?)
Hillbilly #2: Aight. (Alright. "aight" is typically only spoken by blacks and people that think that they are black.)
by Trever "Parlay" Trader December 02, 2005
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