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Noun; Person who hasn't READ the Divergent BOOKS (seeing the movie DOES not make you a non-divirgen) it's different from a pansycake because they are not always fake fans; usually more accepting of the fact that they are NOT part of the fandom and typically doesn't pretend they are
Friend #1: *cries* OMG!!!!! *cries* I think Allegiant just KILLED me *cries*
Friend #2: What's Allegiant???
Friend #1: The last book in the Divergent series.

Friend #2: Divergent is a book now too?!?!
Friend #1: Yes! IT WAS ALWAYS A BOOK!!!! *facepalm*
Friend #1: You're such a divirgin
Friend #2: No I'm not!!! I saw the movie!!!
Friend #1: If you haven't read the books, you're a divirgin.
Friend #1: Why am I even friends with you?
Friend #2: Idk
by DauntlessGirl07 April 18, 2014

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