it means 5 pound worth weed.
it rhymes wit "fiver"
i jus pickd up a diver,i woz skint.
by Red-Eye November 03, 2004
Top Definition
When the back seat of a car is filled. Both window seats and bitch is taken, sometimes double bitch is taken into effect. So there is absolutely no space, not even for one more cheek. The last person has to get a running start and dive across all the people sitting in the back seat and lay on top of their laps.
Brian (last person to get in, window seat) "Danny, looks like your trunkin it"

Danny (standing outside car) "Nah fuck that, let me get diver"
by JungleBunnys June 03, 2010
A term used for a person who acts injuried after a 'weak' tackle.
"Man dat boi is such a diver, i didn't even touch him"
"he went heskey to ronaldo in 1 second, he's rolling around like a lil diver"
by carbonationmaterial November 22, 2015
5 GBP worth of skunk which is mainly one spliff so its worth buying a benners really.
Divers usually dealt in South East and East London.
Set me a divers ruuuude boii
by Daveth Langdon June 25, 2006
A person performing oral sex in a woman. Also known as eating and going down.
guy1: hey, where is Brad?
guy2: he's diving in Susie for almost an hour.
by bajoom July 31, 2005
The definition of an Arsenal player, the only reason that Arsenal managed to go undefeated this season. Notice Pires diving for a penalty against Portsmouth to draw. Note also that Arsenal have two decent english footballers, Henry is a clear homo-sexual, Keown is possibly the ugliest monkey ever, Pires has yet to clean the stain off his chin.

P.S. they will never make it past the quarter-finals of the champion's league unlike a certain other London club.
"You fuckin dick Pires, if you don't stop diving i'm going to run on the pitch and cut off your legs, and then will have fun beating you with them as you role around on the floor in real pain for once"
by spainy May 20, 2004
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