makes a better house pet than a human, spoiled, one man moshpit. has is more brains critters than most ppl have brain cells. and will one day become god
hey look its div
by div February 06, 2004
A customized layout used for Myspace.
My new div took me 2 days to make.
by Jfender24 August 07, 2007
A unused, bitter, alcoholic DivX player on Penny Arcade. He spends most of his time drunk, hungover, or passed out.
by 01 September 13, 2003
Amazingly gorgeous, intellectual independent woman.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
Inteligent, shexxaaay ;) STRAIGHT, studd!
god he's sooo handsome (sais the sexy birds)
by xena warrior princess August 20, 2003
A HTML tag used for defining groups when programming a website in HTML
<div class="Example">

by reallylongusernamenobodyreads March 22, 2016

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