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A rhetorical question used to mean 'no'. Can be used in pretty much all circumstances unless one's name actually is Bob, in which case it probably means yes.
Sir: Terrel, pick those pieces of paper up, now.

Terrel: Is my name Bob?
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
To have sex without a condom. Probably taken from riding a horse without protection for your nuts.
Diamond: Ai, Shanice, innit I rode your cousin bare back?
Shanice: Nah, bruv. F*** off, waste man. You didn't ride jack.
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
Somebody who's in charge. It should be the teacher but for some strange reason, hardly ever is.
Sabir *kissing teeth*: Ah man, Mr Carpenter came in to my English lesson once and tried to make me reconcile and said he's phoning my parents. That man tinks he's general.
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
An insulting term literally meaning 'waste of space'. It can be used in whatever circumstance to get the message through that you do not hold a very high opinion of somebody.
Janaiya: F***, man, Mr Brennan kept me back after school. Waste man, he is.


Leshay: Ai, man! Don't touch me, you waste man. Nobody likes you.
by Whoremonger April 14, 2008
Face. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang 'Boat race' for face. If you wish to make it sound even more ridiculous, try saying it with a false Jamaican accent.

Clap across the boat- A slap in the face
Candice: Don't chat, you fool.
Shanisha: You want a clap across da boat, woman?
(pronounced boo-at)
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
A dozy person, who's perhaps a bit stupid, or just vacant.
Marni: *kisses teeth* Don't like English, bruv. Miss is such a div I don't learn nothing in her lessons, so I go to Sir's English class. He is well a div; just lets me sit in the corner doing nothing
by Whoremonger April 14, 2008
A grass, snitch, tell-tale, whatever you may call them. Or just a sneaky, sly person.
Diamond: What, Ethelburga snitched on Kyra?
Tyler: Snake!
by Whoremonger April 14, 2008
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