stupid girl, ususally blonde and rich
that ditz just tried to compliment me. shes so dumb
by kt June 05, 2003
a person (usually female) who acts unnecessarily stupid in an attempt to look cute.
"OH new mexico isnt in MEXICO?"

"omg like i had no idea that u like left"

"ugh that girl is such a ditz. i jst wana stab her in the face. twice. then thro her off a cliff. twice."
by ihatedumbsluts40187 May 02, 2010
A scatterbrained or unpredictable person. Usually used as an adjective for a female person who makes alot of noise.
"Oh Pamela! You're such a ditz!"
by quarzi October 15, 2008
A word that describes every snotty, petty bitch at your school. Usually the ones who laugh at everyone who isn't like them, get really bad grades because they don't care enough to try, and think they're better than everyone else in middle and high school. Probably will stay that way for the rest of their lives.
Brat: *white girl voice* "So I was like, 'I thought you loved me! We've been dating for 6 days! It's almost our 1 week anniversary and you FORGOT!?'"

Other people: Look, a real life ditz.
by Lori L. Paris May 19, 2014
a dumbass blond that doesn't when to shut up
my dumbass blond neighbor aubrey is a ditz and her brother is a slut.
by tommy is a slut August 16, 2006
The only kind of girl who will have anything to do with me.
I love a ditz.They are the only girls that like me.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
Dippy or eccentric girl, syn. Dumb Blonde!

Japanese: Patsukin

English: Stupid

American: Flake
Ditzy Ditzington: *goes into School* *humming* Hmm HMM hmmm... *trips over a bin* Owch!

Kid: What a ditz!
by Patsukin November 19, 2003

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