A hairy rodent-like girl with fungus on her chin that likes setting up meetings with a nice guy, only to stand him up over and over again. She is conceited and only cares of what the "cool" kids think of her.
Zahra Alburqat --the ditcher-- saw Ali sitting on the bus in the same seat she told him to meet her at, when Zahra noticed he was sitting across from the "cool" kids, she ignored Ali's polite "hello" and walked passed him as if no one was talking to her and sat on some cool kid's lap and starting to suck on his fungus infected ear since the only seat left was next to Ali and he had clean ears.
by xp_neo_xp April 15, 2009
Top Definition
a person who makes plans with a person/group but flops last minute. pulls a no-show or changes the plans entirely so that it does not include the person he/she promised to chill with before.
"Yea she said we should go to the mall today but she called just now and said she had something better to do and can't make it. She's such a ditcher!"
by ditcher July 23, 2006
Someone that ditches/leaves their friends.
Also, someone that backs out of plans that they arrange.
Chris: Let's go to Applebee's.
Matt: I can't. I have diarrhea.
Tanner: Okay. Sleepover at my house.
Matt: I can't. I have diarrhea.
Chris and Tanner (in unison): You're such a ditcher.
by Jules W. January 21, 2012
A Medieval person that digs ditches...
The Medieval ditcher was doing his job
by Kassandra75 June 13, 2012
A person that ditches all of their friends all the time.
Ditcher: Hi, I am Jess and I like to ditch my friends 24/7 because I am the queen of ditching.
by Double_Bitcher June 14, 2009
ones who feel the irrisistable urge to take in an individual from the slums, pump them full of amphetamine and evil juices then leave them for dead in a desperate emotional state from which they shall never emerge.
by experiancedditcher July 03, 2003
a person/group of people who befriend people only to later realise they are fakers/posers/wannabes and then go about the process of ditching them. This is a name given to a group that does this often.
"See them over there, theyre ditchers"
by blah July 03, 2003
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