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from the german word dich which means to leave, ditch means to leave some1 or something usualy in a bad way, say if someone ditched u then u'd be angry that they did
"we ditched him at the mall"
"this place sucks lets ditch it"
"they ditched me at the mall"
by 2iko June 25, 2004
some shiats happens when you did some mistakes, when you can't be forgiven, in court and justice site.
-Ma father stole a car, and he have
some ditchs

-I punch someone, and I got ditch
by GuEs 04 April 21, 2004
that part of a cunt that is damn delicious
i thoughrouly enjoyed eating evety morsel of her ditch!
by baller November 19, 2003
did you mean bitch?
geee, if a guy like you don't what a bitch is, ur the kind that should just ask his father :D
by iknoewathditchmean:D November 07, 2003