Accepting to do something with someone then denying.
A: she told me she's coming over to pick me up at 10 to go clubbing, at 9:45 she called and said she wasn't up for it anymore.
B: Wow, lame, the bitch ditched you.
by aruba lem April 25, 2010
A group combined of bitches and douches.

One might use this phrase while refering to their highschool classmates, or their co-workers; occasionally used while under a slight intoxication.
"God, our school is full of ditches."
by remchic27 February 08, 2010
Ditching from school, often to do drugs.
Dude: Lets ditch.
Dude2: i got the weed.
by JoeSwanson77 February 28, 2008


1. When a male has an itch around his genitalia. Ditch is a compound word of dick and itch.
I fucked this dirty bitch and now I have ditch.
by Jusrin P.S. March 09, 2011
to leave a room/place without a trace
age - bro, where the fuck did d-dickhead go??
Q - i have no fucking idea, he gave it a ditch
by Geovan April 23, 2008
The large, empty space between a persons ears. Very common in Ohio.
Wow, Jeff sure has a huge ditch between his ears.
by tag123 July 24, 2011
An adjective to describe any low quality noun.

Originally used to describe a low quality type of marijuana, this adjective has since been applied to any situation where the word "crappy" would typically be said.
1. Man, this is some ditch Keystone Light.

2. You have an original Nintendo? Those use to be ditch, but now they're bad ass!
by snotshake July 18, 2009

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