noun. A combination of two slang terms: "dick" and "bitch".
"Wow, he/she is so mean!"
"Yeah, he/she is a total ditch!"
by On behalf of Megglez August 26, 2011
There are 2 meanings

1. To leave a friend in order to purposely get away from him/her, do something else or hang out with somebody else, usually another friend or group of friends.

2. To leave a friend or group of friends to go home.
1. "My friends are pricks, they ditched me while I was eating my dinner."

2. "I'm ditching guys, I'll see you all tomarrow."
by Thatguywhoeavesdrops August 23, 2010
Accepting to do something with someone then denying.
A: she told me she's coming over to pick me up at 10 to go clubbing, at 9:45 she called and said she wasn't up for it anymore.
B: Wow, lame, the bitch ditched you.
by aruba lem April 25, 2010
A group combined of bitches and douches.

One might use this phrase while refering to their highschool classmates, or their co-workers; occasionally used while under a slight intoxication.
"God, our school is full of ditches."
by remchic27 February 08, 2010


1. When a male has an itch around his genitalia. Ditch is a compound word of dick and itch.
I fucked this dirty bitch and now I have ditch.
by Jusrin P.S. March 09, 2011
to leave a room/place without a trace
age - bro, where the fuck did d-dickhead go??
Q - i have no fucking idea, he gave it a ditch
by Geovan April 23, 2008
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