verb: To cut ahead of people who are already waiting in a line; used primarily in Central Ohio.
noun: The result of allowing somebody to do this.
"How did Bill get so close to the front of the line?"
"He asked Bob for a ditch, Bob said alright, so he ditched the line."
by oz115 July 24, 2008
noun (plural ditches)

1. vulgar slang a woman’s genitals.
"I can't wait to clean her ditch out."

"You should have seen her ditch! So tidy."

"I trundled right into her ditch."

"You could see her ditch water seeping though her panties."
by Flash Mash September 30, 2012
(noun) a mash of dick and bitch. A universal word that can be used for both genders
"That girl stood me up on the blind date"
"Sorry man, she's such a ditch"
by sarahlikesyourface June 07, 2012
A sexual sort of act that conjures up no real tangible images of sex, but is dirty nonetheless.

This is not to be confused with a sexual position of any sort and is no way sex, it is far more dirty.

That being said this is never used literally, only as a joke, nobody actually ever has or will ever 'ditch' you just talk about it.
"I think your face is pretty, wanna ditch?"
"I saw Emily ditching behind the library for cash."
"Wanna Ditch?"
by EngramAgility April 28, 2009
Not sticking to the original plans you had already made with someone.
Omg! Amanda ditched me for some guy when we were suppose to go shopping!
by Mj2142 February 17, 2015
To change plans on an external party within 24 hours of the expected time of the original agreement.
Laura ditched Stephen 2 1/2 times last week.
by NotStephen January 18, 2013
noun. A combination of two slang terms: "dick" and "bitch".
"Wow, he/she is so mean!"
"Yeah, he/she is a total ditch!"
by On behalf of Megglez August 26, 2011

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