Small market town situated in South Norfolk characterized by slack-jawed yokels and chav youths. An influx of Essex folk have moved into the county reducing its appeal further. Otherwise, Diss is surrounded by beautiful English countryside with no hills.
"I can't read and I can't write, but I can drive a tractor!"
by Marc Walker January 26, 2005
a diss is when someone rejects you.a diss is also when you are interested in someone but he/she is not interested in you.
i was interested in a girl in my classroom but she was not interested in me.she dissed me.
by omar afifi August 08, 2006
Words that embarrass your Hater
Mayne!! you just got dissed son, lookin like a disfigured Gi-Joe Action Figure
by J0|{ER March 04, 2004
diss stands for disrespect, meaning you must have the respect and then abuse it. respect is not nessesarily there in the first place therefore many people do not realize they cannot be dissed upon first meeting someone
...well if you want an example of sentences look at the other definitions
by Emcee Sinnr March 25, 2005
to be complety owned verbaly, a dramatic sentence used to put down others, a humorous comment at which a person is a laughed a because of, a reminder that the person who is being dissed sucks at life, a verbal destruction of ones self esteem
Dave Chapelle dissed a girl by saying " nice shoes!!! dahaha" Seth felt dissed when someone told him his fly was open but seth quickly laughed about it and made a comback back sayiing "thats wut she said"
by reed north September 27, 2006
A diss is when a girl rejects you.A diss is also when you are interested in a girl but she is not interested in you.
To set an example Lamia dissed me because she already had a boyfriend:Well not really.She had more like a rapist who forced her to have sex with him.He used to beat her up very badly.she had a wound on her lips.And someday she puked/vommitted on the floor in the classroom.His name was Bilal:Fuckin` rapist.
by Omar Afifi July 25, 2006
A diss is when you tell someone to meet you somewhere and they dont show up or call you to tell you there not coming.
I will meet you at red lobster around 8:00 - 8:00 comes around and your friend doesnot show up nor calls you.
by Tammy January 07, 2005
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