Diss, in hiphop community, is one rapper singing against someone else.
Also called beef, or roast beef.
'Hey nigga, have you heard that awesome diss from Mc.Tommy?'
'The one against Mc. New York? Yeaah. maaaaan.'
by Tommy Bazar June 26, 2007
Usually followed by a series of OOOOOOHHHH BURN!!
dbag1:do you like anyone??
dbag2:yeah actu-
dbag1:OH really what's his name?
dbag2:YOUR MOTHER!!!!
dbag1:shuddp mothfucker, before i slap that 5 dollar haircut off your head
by bfraj October 02, 2008
To put someone down.
"Hey, Flo, Dave's dissin street dance!"
"How dare he?!"
by countess-romanesque March 11, 2007
when somebody says something bad about you to your face(or behind your back)
Dude I dissed you.
by Theodore Logan April 20, 2003
a diss is when you want to have something from someone but you are turned away.or when you are interested in someone and he/she turns you away.it is like a rejection.
if you are looking for a job and you are dissed.when you are interested in a girl and she disses you.
by omar afifi August 09, 2006
The act of going over or slashing out someones graffiti.
Last night I totaly dissed this fuckin toy!
by ItagDeck April 27, 2008
short for dysphemism
that is: an offensive or disparaging expression that is substituted for an inoffensive one
"You are such a spastic"
"Man, i just dropped the ball, no need to diss me
by Jason o]=< September 05, 2005

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