Once an uplifting lexicon which was okay to watch every once in a while. Today, it's a preppy tenny bopper channel consisting of actors spawned in a genetics lab. Everything on Disney Chennel is overrated, such notable shows and actors include:

A show about a hefty psychic played by Raven Symone.
A show about living in a hotel with Ashley Tisdale as a receptionist. As a matter of fact. The scientists modded her to 23 years old because she was given "sensitive" traits.
A show about kids who think they are Harry Potter, such as Selena Gomez.
The Jonas Brothers, the most overrated band in history who make cameo appearances in all of Disney's modern day shows, and even had a TV Movie with Demi Lovato, which was awful. What kind of name is "Demi" anyway?
A bratty Disney Couple who also got their own documentaries. Vanessa Hudgens, can be summed up as a Filipino Paris Hilton who dresses sluttier. And Zac Enron-- I mean Zac Efron, who is clearly an idiot.
And the brattiest of all, Miley Cyrus who stars in a show about a country hick who is secretly a pop diva, that has sold out in concerts and marketing ploys.

All shows are unreal, with actors that are unreal who all can't sing. Infact the only real word they know is "gimme". A big shame comes from the American people who actually believe that they are perfect when clearly they are not even living humans.
Disney Channel Actors: Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!
Normal peroson: No.
Disney Channel Actors: Waaaaaaaaahh! Ahhhhhhhh!
by Douglas J. Falcon December 29, 2008
A channel found on most cable and satellite TV packages.. It used to be a channel that had family-oriented, genuinely enjoyable TV shows, but now it's just a hugely regrettable mistake..
"Dude, please change the channel. This show is like something you'd find on the Disney Channel."
by BubblynotBuble January 31, 2010
A channel that only broadcasts one animated show. Phineas and Ferb. gay, right?
Whatever happened to Mickey and Goofy and donald and Minny and the other original characters of Disney. now all disney channel has are Faggits who dress like faggits and bitches who dress like hos. The only thing thats left of Mickey Mouse is the logo,but they'll probably get rid of that and replace it with a boner brother.
by MrBates August 24, 2010
A good channel that all of a sudden became all about slutty singers and gay actors like Miley Cyrus, Demi Levato, Selena Gomez, and the gayest one of all:Joe Jonas. Disney Channel's bad streak began with the addition of Hannah Montana's second season, and has since then gone down hill, until 2007 when Disney Channel announced Phineas and Ferb, the only show, until Good Luck, Charlie that was actually watchable. Disney Channel appeals to 9 year olds, lesbians, and dumbasses

Disney Channel's rule may never end.... NEVER!

See also: fail, whores, and Nickelodeon
Duchebag: OMG! I love that slutty Miley Cyrus on her soon to be ending show Hannah Montana!
Dumbfuck: You watch that? I watch Wizards Of Waverly Place, starring the ultra slutty Selena Gomez
Dumbfuck and Duchebag: Make that a Sixsome

Ex 2:
Person 1: I miss Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, and So Weird.
Person 2: I hate the new Disney Channel, it's full of Sluts now!

Ex 3:
Person 1: OMG! I LOVE Phineas and Ferb!!! It Rocks!
Person 2: Eww, it'll be lame soon

(20 minutes l8r)

Person 2: OMGZ! That's bomb show!
Person 1: Told ya! The only one Disney got right!
by ihateurmom June 13, 2010
The gayest TV channel ever. No one should watch it.
Guess what? I watch MTV. You should try it too!
My input on some of the shows:
The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody: Dylan and Cole Sprouse are the gayest boys ever. And their show is dumb. It is not funny. It is sad and retarted.
That's So Raven: Sad....very...sad. Gay...very...GAY!
I am sure that there are more, I just didn't feel like continuing the list. Well, now you know why Disney Channel is gay.
by tilatequilafan555 January 12, 2008
A vaccuum, Consummer of child actors and actresses that may or may not have had a future; Creater of shows that are less and less interesting.
Did you like that new Disney Channel show yesterday?

by Amigroism March 04, 2010
That shit spewing out of your television
What kind of obnoxious television is this?
Its the Disney Channel.
All I see is a bunch of kids yelling about fruit juice..
by Dr. Seuss, PhD June 19, 2011
Where Wanna-be Whores are created. And Gay Guys Who Can't Come Out of The Closet.
Girl 1:Hey what happen to Lindsey, Hillary, Brittany Spears, Vanessa, and Raven from Disney Channel.

Girl2: They became Wanna-be Whores.... Except for Raven, she is a Druggy Whore.
by Mr.OrangeBritt October 29, 2009

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