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A great channel BEFORE IT GOT CONTAMINATED AND DESTROYED BY THE NEW STUPID TV SHOWS ETC: Thats So Raven, Hannah Montana, Cory In The House.... WTF!!! Disney is suppose to be about quality animated movies and shows in the good old days, Now they are getting greedy and just making bullshitty movies to earn money. The actors and actresses pretend to like their fans when in fact they don't give a shit and want to make $$$$$$$$. They dont show a single non disney commercial, wth is up with that you cant be that greedy.....
Person 1: I use to love Disney when I was a kid but now it just sucks with all the "actors and actresses" who have no skill.
Person 2: What about ZAC EFRON!!!!
Person 1: Are you shitting me????
Message: Don't watch disney, its not really worth your time, your better off hanging off with real friends and doing realistic things rather than thinking about other peoples impossible lives(etc living in the white house, being a pop star yet a student.... Come on that's not possible seriously...)
Disney channel sucks now don't waste your time. period end of discussion
by abby3145135135 August 30, 2007

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