The person that wrote the definition of 'dislexia' (as shown above this definition) is in fact probably dyslexic herself. Her inability to even spell the word correctly pretty much proves it. You fucking idiot.
Some of the idiots on here are fucking dyslexic.
by jamie August 05, 2004
Top Definition
Despite popular belief, dislexia is not the mental transposing of letters (i\e seeing\spelling dislexia as ‘dilsexia’). It is a disorder of the brain. Those with dislexia have a hard time working-out syllables, simple ones. It is nothing to be laughed-about, you ass-wipes.
Simple printed words like ‘elephant’ or ‘rhinoceros’ or ‘dislexia’ can be hard to sound-out for dislxics. "Di..Die-slex...", et cetera. It’s fun to pretend like you are dislexic..
by Victor Van Styn August 26, 2005
inability to comprehend or remember written words
Lauren keep is dislexic
by Butch March 31, 2003
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