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to profess ignorance while actually being in the know.
Paris Hilton expressed a disingenuous opinion about the business operations of Wal-Mart.
"Do they sell wall stuff?"
by Bill Bystedt December 07, 2003
Karl Smith. See also insincere.
You're doing very well! No really, good job, you're doing well!
by Marshall Bjerke November 30, 2004
Maintaining an air of credibility when faced with your own lack of sincerity and honesty.

Rarely successful.
Mike: Fancy getting together later?
Jane: Won't your girlfriend mind?
Mike: What girlfriend?
Jane: The one you're in a relationship with on facebook?
Mike: That's nothing, we only went out a couple of times, nothing's happening!
Jane: Maybe you should tell her that :-)
Fleur: That's disingenuous mate!
by Angel_k March 26, 2011
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