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What people who are embarrased to have facebook, call facebook.

These people can include, but are not limited to:

People over the age of 17

People who have jobs/careers

People who are succesful in life

People who aren't self-obsessed

Guy 1:
How did you find out that personal information about that girl? It's quite unnecessary and creepy.

Guy 2: disgracebook

Guy 1: For fucksakes, grow up, we're 27.
by Spankberrycherry February 18, 2009
The Social networking site better known as Facebook. This is where everyone on it is constantly embarrassing themselves, family, and friends.
I am so sick of disgrace book and all the people who would die if they couldn't update their status every five minutes.
by FUCKFACEBOOKandhaveaniceday February 26, 2011
The term for the social site Facebook where people are constantly disgracing themselves, families, friends, relatives, pets and anyone else that I may have forgotten.
I am so sick of Disgrace Book and all the junkies that can't live without it for five minutes or OMG they will fucking die.
by FUCKFACEBOOKandhaveaniceday February 23, 2011
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