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when an outfit, dj, music act perform life at a party and they totally own the night with their performance, such that any following act's are almost lame because they cannot give the same level of performance. like a hijack, an everyday occurence in South Africa
Sexy blonde: what did you do lastnight?
Sexy Brunete: i went to Pacha, and saw Goldfish
Sexy Blonde: oh cool, how were they?
Sexy Brunete: they were so totally amazing, the discojacked Pacha, i left after they finished
Sexy Blonde: oh wow!! i've gotta see them live
by siffbachelor May 13, 2009
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A drink with Jack Daniels and crushed ice.
Disco Jack & Coke: Jack Daniels, Coke and crushed ice.
Disco Jack & Ginger: Jack Daniels, Gingerale and crushed ice.
by pinewoodsocial_lover March 21, 2014

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