An electronic jam band originating in Philadelphia, Pa. The band was neither named after ecstasy nor was it named after what the term disco biscuit is slang for. The term disco biscuit is slang for a roofie, lude, or barbituate. It has NEVER been used by anyone as a term for ecstasy. Thank you. People often call The Disco Biscuits. The biscuits. Bisco is another term that encompasses the scene.
Bisco has gone down hill ever since 2001.
The biscuits blew up the electric factory last night.
The disco biscuits are a jam band like phish, but with an electronic vibe and more floyd and zappa influence.
by Big Bird the Bird August 15, 2005
Tits. Stripper status. Exposed when they shouldn't be.
...While standing in line at the supermarket...
"Damn! Check out the disco biscuits on her!"
"Nice, dude."
tits, stripper, boobs, breasts
by heathos March 12, 2010
Refers specifically to the combination of MDMA (ecstasy) with the psychedelic drug 2C-B, whether the two are mixed in the same pill or taken separately.
Dan and I were tripping our balls off on a couple of disco biscuits last night. It was awesome
by terrible person December 16, 2006
ecstasy usually included w/acid in it.If you're not planning on getting high off of disco biscuits don't let ppl that are on it touch you because the drug seeps through pores in the skin..if you're looking to get contact high then the fastest way for you to do that is for the one who is rollin'(on E)to keep touching your face constantly...
disco biscuits will fuck you the hell up
by BettyFace[livingAnachronism] January 23, 2009
a cookie or cracker sprinkled with powdered X or ludes
at the rave, kids were popping x or munching on disco biscuits
by Systemkicks June 08, 2005
a band meant for washed up druggies, hippies, etc. anyone whom listens to them can be defined as an "Elliot" or one who had a chance at something great but decided to do drugs and end up working in some shitty hole in the wall.
John- man.... i need some more weed
Friend- you went to the disco biscuits show didn't Eliiot
by BCHockey017 June 22, 2006

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