How your stomach feels after you eat olives, followed by some chocolate covered raisins, after which you consume three martinis, then eat a cheeseburger and garlic fries.
Used in a sentence: "John felt a little disco after the party, but he managed not to throw up."
by salamicat May 11, 2011
the DIStrict of COLumbia, the dee-dot-cee-dot.
Living in the DisCo is preferred to Snarlington or Befesda.
by pantstron3100 December 23, 2008
Listening to a man on a football forum who is famous for his wind ups and putting your Ps3 into your fridge if he says it works.
Disco: My Ps3 dont work
the bs babyface: Try putting it in the freezer.
EGA: Yeah do that.
Disco: Yeah alright
by Slapper Minger June 29, 2009
1.To be wild and careless
2. Excessively ornated 3. Lacking good taste 4. Something that does not invoke good feelings 5. Something that invokes the feel of the 80's
That outfit is disco. (3)
Todays shoes are diso (2)
My car is acting diso today (4)
by Crimro January 12, 2005
A word meaning more than love. First comes like, then lurve, then love, then Love... and then Disco. To disco someone is to love them for more than ever.
I disco Ste.
by Q May 15, 2004
A play on the word disappointed.
"Man, I'm so disco I missed that show."
by Luke Calvin November 20, 2006
A procedure or task that is not a challenge.
After robbing that liquor store, buying presents for my son's birthday was pure disco.
by BossMC December 27, 2004

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