a date rapist that looks and smells like a greasy italian sausage, has an odd aneros fetish, enjoys the occasional "sneaky peppa" from behind and is registered as a level 5 sex offender.
"Dirty Tony" looks like a greasy sausage
#date rapist #sex offender #creep #pig #child molester #incest
by dragon777 July 29, 2010
Top Definition
a sex act between two gay men in which the active partner rubs his dick in the passive partner's hair after he has already cum.
Brandon was such a bottom bitch that he let this guy give him a dirty tony. Then he had to catch a cab home with his head smelling like cum and lube.
#dirty #tony #anthony #sticky #lube
by lickitsuckit121 August 20, 2009
whenever you pay an illegal immigrant (usually a wetback)to choke you while you masturbate.
i went to home depot and saw some mexican bitch so i decided to try to see if i can try a dirty tony.
#wetback #tony is gay #alex martities is gay #salvador is gay #juan agayo is gay
by alex p. aka tonys dad September 29, 2006
A dude who takes a dump in a kiddie pool and then denies it to the authorities.
They went back to get Steve's cooler because his mom would kill him if he left it, but Sheriff Mercy was there to arrest them for a "dirty tony".
#dirty tony #dirty butt in the pool #dirty bastard #baby ruth special #dropping the kids at the pool
by ptoad05 January 17, 2011
When someone sticks their toe in the anus of their partner, then wipes the toe across their partners face, giving them a moustace made of feces.
A version of the dirty sanchez.
peco pulled his toe out of arins ass and have her a dirty tony.
#dirty sanchez #jizz #dick #rusty trombone #tony danza #chili dog #golden shower
by kluv054 March 09, 2009
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