Dirtay Badga means that you are dirty.
and your a badger.
very badger like.
Hairy,Black,White,and Teeth.
Describe dirteee badergs.

they are very bad.
brittany: "You ho"
Kenny: "Shut up you bloody badga"
Mah Mah: "You both suck you should quit life and come back as dirty badgers."

by Kendra Badger Head. October 30, 2007
Top Definition
Putting it in the back door, then putting it in the front door, without doing anything in between.
Ross gave James' mum a dirty badger last night.
by stephisgreat December 28, 2010
To be a dirty fuker,

1. to perform the sex

2.not washing

3. have really elicit fantacies
dave: i took her back to mine last night for a bit of you know what
paul: hahahaha you dirty badger

man1: would you take a shower you dirty badger
man2: fuck off
by KevinMul February 09, 2010
A drink involving 1 part Whiskey, 1 part Rum, 1 shot of Ouzo mixed with Iron Bru.

Will make you want to throw up.
Rudie : Ross, what is that drink?
Ross : A dirty badger
by Dirtybadger1 September 07, 2010
A nicer way of calling you a dirty bastard in Scotland. Can also be used as a friendly greeting.
How you doin', ya dirty badger!
by infamous budgerigar July 01, 2016
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