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this is a term used when u see a kid with white hairs thinks he's really good called richard this is what you do before u go to his house a bath then cover ur self in plastic and go to his house watch out for towels coverd in shit. keep saying touch it and laught at it with a mate . this kid has no mates only 2 but i will keep them safe coz there great for the deadly smell when ur in his house and actualy talking to him well he talking about bullshit to u thats one reason his house is full of shit all the bullshit he talks. when u say make me a cup of tea he makes u one with a extra suprise in shit he says its a tea bag but its crust of turd he had right if u have lived and ur going home this is wot u do when u get home fill the bath with bleach and acid and lots of nice smelling stuff to make u smell good and stay in there until ur body has socked up all the water which will take up 2 6 weeks and and do it again and make sure u take a picture when ur there and when u go bak u can see if he has tidyed it up
richard stop bullshiting i rip if ur head and stick it up a bulls ass to make it look like it has the shits
by richard May 06, 2005