A really really strong drink
Man, this rum and coke is a dirtybird!
by lumberg154 July 08, 2010
A nickname for Wild Turkey bourbon. At 101 proof, it's mechanism of action on panties is akin to a crowbar.
I got so wasted on dirty bird last night that I banged a fatty...yee haw!
by SethN May 30, 2006
A marijuana joint with crack cocaine sprinkled in it.
Matt had a great day today, so he celebrated by smoking a dirty bird.
by Mr. Bass Player August 16, 2012
A nasty, grosse, just all around disgusting woman. Most commonly refered to as a skank. A dirty bird can be found in all types of setting: office, retail, high school, college, military (most have been found here). A dirty bird usually think she is not a dirty bird or skank and always laughs when someone calls her that. In all reality the people are not joking and really do think she is a nasty piece of shit.

Also if said woman is white and likes black men, then she is one of the biggest dirty birds of all time.
Smith: I saw this one goat giving it to another goat and it turned me on.
Others: You are a fucking dirty bird!
Smith: lol I love you guys:

Samith walks away.

Guy 1: Does she think we are joking?
Guy 2: Probably, but we totally aren't, shes a nasty skank.
by CoUnMe April 23, 2010
Is a female whos hit the rounds of the block a few times she is like a dooor knob every bodys had a turn
Lauren Rice is this ha ha
by The Felching Fucker March 02, 2005
A dirty bird, a women who has no morals or respect for themselves. In other words a whore. Dirty Bird, or DB
"Hey man, i hope you didn't sleep with that Paige girl"
Yeah i did, why?
"I hear that girl is a Dirty Bird''
by greensmurf420 November 08, 2011
A sexual act between three men and one woman. the woman is giving a blow job and two hand jobs at the same time, thus having the appearance of a bird, a very dirty bird.
John: Man! wanda totally gave me, bryn and matt a dirty bird last night

sam: thats sweet!
by Jonny cakez March 26, 2011

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