An affectionate name for the club 'Flamingoes' in Goulburn (also known as 'Dingoes). Is so popular that many Goulburn locals attend every night of the week. Some even sleep in the toilets during the day, so they never have to leave.
Choppy: God the Dirty Bird is so awesome. My feet keep sticking to the floor, and there's vomit on that chair. This whole place smells like pee, and there's heaps of sluts with their mouths open.
Ryan: Sshh, this is Juso's home, he'll hear you.
#club #goulburn #flamingoes #dingoes #pub #bar #drinking #music #dancing
by Trashed out Cats April 28, 2009
A nickname for Wild Turkey bourbon. At 101 proof, it's mechanism of action on panties is akin to a crowbar.
I got so wasted on dirty bird last night that I banged a fatty...yee haw!
#whiskey #bourbon #wild turkey #redneck #fatties
by SethN May 30, 2006
Is a female whos hit the rounds of the block a few times she is like a dooor knob every bodys had a turn
Lauren Rice is this ha ha
by The Felching Fucker March 02, 2005
When you put your finger in your own or someone else's butt hole and flip someone off
I gave that girl a dirty bird
#poop #butt #anal #sex #whore
by hirschy March 21, 2015
the art of flailing your arms as if you had bird wings and screaming a loud "caakkaaaaawwwww" in conjunction with putting on your best stank face.

Also see Stank face
Chris: did you go to the Veterans of Foreign Waves show last night?

Alex: yeah dude! they dropped one track and everyone was doing the dirty bird
Ben: Are you guys talking about the 8,000 person dirty bird at the VFW show?
#dirty bird dip #double dirty bird #double dirty bird dip #double dirty bird switch #dirty bird nation
by #dirtybirdnation April 01, 2014
A sexual act between three men and one woman. the woman is giving a blow job and two hand jobs at the same time, thus having the appearance of a bird, a very dirty bird.
John: Man! wanda totally gave me, bryn and matt a dirty bird last night

sam: thats sweet!
#blowjob #sex #slut #skank #whore
by Jonny cakez March 26, 2011
Slang term for a restaurant known as "Red Robin"
Where we goin to dinner? I was thinkin the dirty bird tonight
#red robin #burger #burger joint #fast food #greasy
by pimpdahoes445544 March 17, 2010
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