A blunt that is filled with all the left over weed from your roaches.
we didn't have enough money to buy a new bag so we decided to roll up a dirty bird.
by Bigblk212 April 09, 2009
when railing a girl from behind you pull out shove it in her butt when she arches up in surprise you figure four choke her till she's out.
I got my girl friend with the dirty bird last night when she came back to she was pissed.
by Mr. Schmucatelli December 01, 2009
When a girl gives two handjobs at once, while bending over, so it looks like her arms are flapping wings, while another guy pounds her from behind, making her squawk like a bird.
Dude, we should totally get that girl to dirty bird us.
by Jimmy-Jones August 16, 2007
Slang for a Southwest Airlines plane. No assigned seats. Just peanuts and a soda.
Dude...I had to fly the Dirty-Bird from L.A. to Dallas dude it sucked bad....I even got stuck in the facing backwards seat that doesn't recline. Hate that Dirty-Bird.
by tmsatx September 23, 2009
Any kind of fast food chicken thats loaded in fat and grease.
Lets order dirty bird for dinner tonght.
by K, Peters December 24, 2006
The White Hawk Cafe (Bar in Penn Hills-Pittsburgh PA)
"Lets goto the Dirty Bird and find some Whowaz"
by BetterOff October 16, 2006
Another term for flipping someone off.
"... Did that guy just flash us the dirty bird?"
by Tartonkovski August 18, 2007

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