A dirty bird, a women who has no morals or respect for themselves. In other words a whore. Dirty Bird, or DB
"Hey man, i hope you didn't sleep with that Paige girl"
Yeah i did, why?
"I hear that girl is a Dirty Bird''
by greensmurf420 November 08, 2011
A sexual act involving 1 girl and 5 guys. The first guy will lay on the edge of a bed. The girl will sit on top of him, back to him, taking it in the ass. The next guy will plow her vagina from the front, making careful that he doesn't touch the first guy's legs. Dude #3 and 4 will each be receiving a hand job on either side of the girl. The last guy must mount the girls mouth, most likely standing on the bed.
Hey man, we totally dirty birded that girl yesterday.
by LoVAATheCOCK October 09, 2010
A nasty, grosse, just all around disgusting woman. Most commonly refered to as a skank. A dirty bird can be found in all types of setting: office, retail, high school, college, military (most have been found here). A dirty bird usually think she is not a dirty bird or skank and always laughs when someone calls her that. In all reality the people are not joking and really do think she is a nasty piece of shit.

Also if said woman is white and likes black men, then she is one of the biggest dirty birds of all time.
Smith: I saw this one goat giving it to another goat and it turned me on.
Others: You are a fucking dirty bird!
Smith: lol I love you guys:

Samith walks away.

Guy 1: Does she think we are joking?
Guy 2: Probably, but we totally aren't, shes a nasty skank.
by CoUnMe April 23, 2010
it is name used to call someone dirty. This term has nothing to do with sex. It just means that they are inapropriate people
"eew that dirty bird looked at your behind when you were bending over"
by K A Y L E S February 01, 2009
A ghetto Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh PA
I'm going to the Dirty Bird to pick up some scrimps!
by J Rich July 24, 2008
'A girl who usually appears innocent, often having a private school background, but who is ultimately ten times dirtier than any other girl out there. She revels in being a sort of 'secret slut' and only very few know about her slutty behaviour. She enjoys most sexually activities, especially those that others find out of bounds and has most likely engaged in sex with multiple men. In short, she is filthy.'
'That girl Zoe is a right dirty bird, last night she came round to my house and sucked off me and my best mate before letting us both take her from behind'
by Filthy Boy December 06, 2007
A blunt that is filled with all the left over weed from your roaches.
we didn't have enough money to buy a new bag so we decided to roll up a dirty bird.
by Bigblk212 April 09, 2009
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